LG STA-U17WT Wall Charger & USB Cable (202188)
LG STA-U17WT Wall Charger & USB Cable (202188)
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LG - ის ორიგინალი დამტენი და უსბ კაბელი ( STA-U17WT )

This Two piece OEM LG Micro USB Home Travel Charger + USB Data Cable Adapter comes in handy as it charges your phone from a wall outlet via AC Adapter and Micro USB cable. The compact AC charger adapter and cable is convenient enough for rapid charging to your phone's battery at home or office. Connect your cell phone and synchronize with a PC / Laptop and take advantage of other useful applications.

- Smart Chip - Built-in smart chip recognizes a full charge and automatically switch to a save-
  mode. This will protect your battery from over charging and preserve your battery's life span.

- Safety - This charger will not short circuit or overheats.
- Convenient - Lightweight, small and fits. Charge and talk at the same time. Keep one in the
  office or in the home. You will never run out of battery while on the go.

- Rapid charging home charger. Provides power to your phone while simultaneously charging
  your phone's battery.

- Plugs into any standard wall outlet
- Compact, ultra slim design
- Sync and transfer files to and from your computer and phone via micro USB data cable
- Charge your phone from a computer USB port via micro USB cable